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As a teenager I developed a strong interest in fitness. Knowing little if anything about training, my routines initially consisted of only running, sit-ups and hand grippers. My passion for fitness grew over the years and as I moved through college and university studying sports (where I achieved a BSc Honours Degree), it evolved into a love for bodybuilding. I quickly become obsessed with natural bodybuilding - the notion of using chemicals to speed up the process had little appeal to me. 


I have been weight training consistently ever since (around 14 years), intent on developing the best body I could as a natural bodybuilder. I've overcome many difficult obstacles over the years, competed in 2 natural shows and plan to continue to make progress and compete on a national leveL.



During this period I worked at Virgin Active as a personal trainer for a number of years, before becoming a mobile PT and training clients out of their homes and in parks. I have over 10 years of real world experience as a busy personal trainer. 


The transition to online training was the next logical step in my career as it has allowed me to reach out to  clients from all over the world. I can focus solely on delivering the best possible results for committed and motivated clients that ultimately share the same passion as myself; developing a stronger and more muscular body naturally.

ross newham lifetime natural physqiue transformation
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