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Natural Bodybuilding Contest Prep 2022 Training Journal (14)

Training logs for week starting 2nd May

The new routine has been going quite well indeed. I have been thoroughly enjoying the split and have felt that each session has been conducive to muscle preservation. That being said I did notice a drop off in strength on some of the movements, namely shoulder press and squat. I will be paying close attention to them this week and ensure that I make up for that this week with increased vigour and mental preparation.

I will likely add in some more calories on a Thursday prior to my leg day on the Friday and really try to hit the foam rolling and stretching as frequently as I can. Its no coincidence that the loss of strength coincided to a big drop in weight this week - Im now 82.8kg.

Posing practise post shoulders/arms session 16.5 weeks out


This week I've shown my training logs direct from my excel tracker. You can buy this HERE

Data from training week


This week marked the highest amount of cardio i have done thus far, with most days involving 2x60 minute session. I'm really eager to continue to push forwards fairly fast over the next 3/4 weeks.

Any questions regarding training, mindset or nutrition just ask!

For full check in pics each week see my Instagram page HERE! Thanks for reading, see you next week.

Stay strong, Ross

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