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Back, Chest and Illness

Natural Bodybuilding Contest Prep 2022 Training Journal (2)

Training logs for week starting 7th February

Unfortunately it hasn't been the best week of training due to illness. After a successful back/bicep and chest session I began to feel unwell. I failed to train legs and delts on Wednesday/Thursday. As of writing this on Thursday evening I am contemplating on doing a light session tomorrow combining elements of those 3 sessions.

These are the logs for Monday and Tuesday, please let me know if you enjoy these posts by liking or commenting.

Back (07.02.2022) - Friends home gym

Watch this session @

Lat pulldown


DB row


1 arm 45' pulldown


D Bar 45' pulldown


High angle low row


EZ bar curl

17@37.5/12@42.5/12@47.5 + 20 cheat curls

Rope Curls


BB wrist curls


Hyper extensions


Back posing practise (no pump)

Chest and Triceps (08.02.2022)

Decline BB


Machine press

119x5 (Full stack)

Incline BB


DB Flys

20@16/15@20/8@24 + 4@18/6@14 (Drop set)

Rope cable pushouts



Frustrating week of training due to illness. It started off so well but went downhill really quickly. Too much work, not enough sleep and bundles of stress all the while in a big calorie deficit. I will train a little bit of light legs, delts and arms on Friday then prepare for the next week. Here's to better training next week!


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