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Full Body Everyday - Week 6

Natural Bodybuilding Contest Prep 2022 Training Journal (8)

Training logs for week starting 21st March

This was the first week that I felt quite fatigued going into the 7x7. I failed my 5th set of shoulder press at 5 reps and my decline bench felt very heavy on the 2nd set. This was inevitable and will prompt me to reduce my volume going into the next phase of my competition prep. I plan on maintaining and even increasing intensity to compensate for the reduction in available energy during sessions. This will help to preserve muscle mass.

Working on the front double bicep (for an exclusive video for my excel exercise tracker)

DAY 1 (21.03.2022) - Trained at Island Gym in Canvey

Bi-lateral Leg Press


Flat Chest Press Machine


High Elbow Cable Low Row


DB Lateral Raises

12x9 +15 standing

DB Incline Hammer Curls


Seated Tricep Dip Machine

Full stack (100x10)

Seated Calf Raises

140x6/ Drop --> 120/100/80/60

Day 2 (22.03.2022)

Machine Seated Shoulder Press

80x7x4 / 80x4/4/4/4/6

BB Deficit RDL's (Up to lower thigh)


Parallel Bar Dips (With belt)


Close Grip Chins (Assisted Machine)

BWx7 + 15x4

DB Scott Curls

14x15 / 16x7

Tricep Machine Extensions

60x12 / 35x5 Single Arm NEGATIVES

Day 3 (24.03.2022)

Decline BB


Machine 45' Pulldown

110x4 / 90x10



Bar Cable Pushdowns


Straight Bar Cable Curls


Reverse BB Curls


DB Wrist Curls


Day 4 (25.03.2022)

BB Back Squats


Seated Hamstring Curls

55x12 / 9

Seated Quad Extensions


Chest Supported Machine Row

100x6 / 80x10

DB Front Raises


Machine Pec Flys


Watch the full video HERE


I completed 2 of my training session in a different gym this week which threw me off slightly. There was a also a session where I couldn't use the squat rack - this further added to the week's inconsistency as I had to delay it then ended up doing it in a different gym. The less variations in training program and environment the better, especially during a dieting phase.

I decided to finish the training week after 4 days with 2 rest days over the weekend. This will put me in good stead for a successful start to my new routine next week. I felt I needed a little respite and 2 full days off will give me that - it will serve as a mini reset of sorts, with fresh energy and vigour going into next week. Sometimes deviating from your routine slightly may be needed and could serve you well if applied sensibly and infrequently.

Bodyfat coming off nicely now, clear cuts starting to show in certain areas. Excited to see further progress and very focused on maximising resistance training effectiveness. The protocol will be changing next week as I seek to reduce the volume per session and likely the frequency of training. Cardio remained the same as last week (around 40 minutes of steady walking). Posing sessions went up to 3 short 5 min bouts. For full check in pics each week see my Instagram page HERE! Thanks for reading, see you next week.

Stay strong, Ross

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