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Join me on my journey to SHREDDED. Its going to be one hell of a ride!

Introduction - 04/02/2022

I have not competed in a natural bodybuilding show since 2015. In 2017 i completed most of my prep but had to pull out due to extenuating circumstances. This time around I'm eager to show improvements in muscularity and present the best conditioning thus far.

I will post regular training session notes, physique updates and thoughts as I get closer to the competition date. I have not yet finalized a competition but it will likely be September.

During a chest session at the infamous Island Gym

Training Program

I'm currently following a traditional bodybuilding split (chest/back/legs/shoulders/arms). I often perform old school full body routines as well which I particularly enjoy. I will no doubt change the routine as i progress through my prep.

Join Me On My Journey

Join me on my journey and allow me to inspire you to continue through your own! Hopefully this will supplement the information I provide on the YouTube videos and Instagram posts quite nicely.

Comments, likes and shares will be very welcome - Let me know if you enjoy my content!

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Stay strong,


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