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Try This Simple and Effective Full Body Muscle Building Routine

Sick of rushing through 5 workouts a week and barely looking like you lift? Cut the fluff and try my ultra SIMPLE and and MINIMAL full body routine.

Sometimes we can all get a bit carried away with workouts and move further from the stuff that's going to get us progress as natural lifters. This ultra abbreviated routine is perfect for when you feel burnt out, bored, not seeing any progress or during times where life get a little too demanding for daily workouts. Ultra abbreviated, super simple and easy to follow as well as highly effective, this full body muscle building routine will allow you to make good progress as a natural lifter with minimal time spent in the gym.

Repeat the following 60 minute workout twice per week. Aim to complete at least 12 weeks continuously, ensuring that your adding a little bodyweight each week. Once top rep target is accomplished with smooth form, add more weight to the exercise.

Try this super simple and minimal 5 exercise full body muscle building routine.
Simple Full Body Muscle Building Routine

Give it a go and let me know what you think. You can email me at

Goodluck and stay strong,


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