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Natural Bodybuilding Contest Prep 2022 Training Journal (11)

Training logs for week starting 11th April

Another good week of training! Intensity was high throughout and cardio increased from the week prior. Now up to an hour each day - I intend to continue to push hard for the next few weeks and try and get as much bodyfat off as possible before the 12 week mark. Watch my push session with my client Karl HERE

Practising posing after my pull workout

This week I've shown my training logs direct from my excel tracker. Note the charts that demonstrate the number of sets/rpe per muscle group.

You can receive a 25% discount off this tool upon launch by heading over to the link HERE and popping your email into the form.

Data from training week


Body weight was 86.1kg on Saturday morning. Feeling pretty good other than fatigue setting in later in the day along with feeling slightly dizzy when standing up at times. This is something I have experienced before when dieting. Looking forward to pushing ahead next week! The 3 days of training are working as intended - I can maximise the intensity of each session, continue to lift heavy and focus on cardio and posing on off days.

For full check in pics each week see my Instagram page HERE! Thanks for reading, see you next week.

Stay strong, Ross

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