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  • Why choose natural, you cant get big or ripped without steroids right?"
    This is a complete fallacy, you will be AMAZED at how fast you can transform your body with very hard work and good nutrition/recovery. Qualty, lasting improvements can be made to your physique without the health risks of performance enhancing drugs..
  • Do I need to have any training experience before starting?
    No, absolutely not. My services are for MOTIVATED and FOCUSED people - they are the only requirements. Training experience has no bearing on my willingness to work with you, only the aformentioned qualities. Wether you are a complete novice or a veteran - impressive results can be acheived with my guidance.
  • What are the benefit of online training?
    The online coaching that I offer is as close to face to face personal training that you can get and at a much lower price. Assuming your motived, focused and good at adhereing to a program/instructions then results will be very impressive.
  • How quickly will I be able to see results?
    Everyone's response to training/nutrition will be different. I expect fairly dramatic changes to a physique/performance in a 3-6 month period. If you follow the routine, execute exercises correctly, follow nutrition plans and take recovery seriously, STAGGERING results can be acheived in a relatively short time period for beginners and intermediates and even advanced in some cases.
  • Can you prep me for a bodybuilding competition?
    Yep. I will do everything in my power to help you look your absolute best for a competition. Just leave plenty of time - 6 months if not more to ensure a SHREDDED physqiue.
  • Can you review my posing form for my bodybuilding/physique show?
    Yes absolutely, the consultation is perfect for this. Send over pictures and videos beforehand and then we can go over each shot in detail during our video call. We can also arrange a short follow up to asess chhanges.
  • Do you only train bodybuilders?
    No not at all. Bodybuilding is a broad concept - you dont necessarily have to compete on a bodybuilding stage to 'bodybuild'. I think everyone who trains should think of themselves as bodybuilders to some extent, wether your looking to add muscle, increase strength, reduce bodyfat or increase stamina. Aspects of 'bodybuilding' will be used in all of these fitness journeys.
  • Do you take on a clients who use performance enhancing drugs?
    No unfortunately not. My services are not for you. There are many coaches available who can help you more than I will be able to. By limiting clients to natural only I will be able to provide the best possible quality service.
  • Have you ever used performancing enhancing drugs?
    No I have never taken any performance enhancing drugs of any kind. I'm a lifetime natural and have no intentions of changing that. To me it boggles the mind that most people use steroids to achieive a body that is achievable as a natural lifter
  • Do I need access to a gym for online coaching?
    Nope. My online coaching will be tailored to the equipment you have available. Gyms provide a vast repertoire of equipment to work with so I would always recommend having acess to a gym at least for some of the training. However it is by no means essential and amazing results can be acheived even with absolutely no equipment. Its really goal dependant, the equipment that you have access to will need to match the goal that you want to achieve.
  • Is it worth signing up for the newsletter? What do I get?
    It's totally worth it as it FREE and full of interesting information that could help you in your natural bodybuilding journey. I try to make the information easy to digest so expect lots of diagrams, charts and infographics. I'll send one out once a month to your inbox.
  • As a client, can I contact you if I have any questions?"
    Yes you will be able to contact me on Whatsapp or email whenever you like and I will respond as quickly as possible. If you havnt started training yet and wanted to ask me a question about the services I offer then feel free to email me at or leave a message in the site chat box.
  • Can I get a refund for a service if circumstances change?
    Yes of course, full refunds will be provided if required. The online coaching agreement is for a minimum 3 month term - any less wouldnt allow the time necessary to get the full benefit of the program. If extenuating circumstances arise during this period then we can come to an agreement regarding cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions


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