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Full Body Everyday - Week 5

Natural Bodybuilding Contest Prep 2022 Training Journal (7)

Training logs for week starting 14th March

Bodyweight is down to 89.3kg this week. Both training and diet has gone well but its been a difficult week in general. My schedule has been very busy and sleep has not been ideal with numerous days falling short of requirements. Its just one of those things and I will look to improve upon that as I continue to press forwards. This will become especially important as I get towards the very low levels of bodyfat.

I took out belt squat on the first day and replaced it with hack squat. It didn't feel like it was providing enough thigh stimulus, probably best used exclusively for higher reps. I decided to use the hack squat despite it historically never being a go to on leg day. For the most part I find it awkward and uncomfortable. It tends to hurt the outside of my hips.

I'll give it a go for the next few weeks, hopefully I will be able to see some progress on it. I really need some soft tissue work on my thighs - a proper massage rather than just a bit of foam rolling.

Hitting a back double bicep after my single arm lat pulldown on day 5.

DAY 1 (14.03.2022)

Hack Squat


Flat Chest Press Machine


High Elbow Cable Low Row

86x13 + 42x12 Dual Handle

DB Lateral Raises

12x13 +15 standing

DB Incline Hammer Curls


Seated Tricep Pushout Machine


Day 2 (15.03.2022)

Machine Seated Shoulder Press


BB Deficit RDL's (Up to lower thigh)


Seated Hamstring Curls


Parallel Bar Dips (With belt)


Close Grip Chins (Assisted Machine)

BWx7 + 10x3

DB Scott Curls

14x10 x 2 (Single)

EZ Bar Laying Extensions


Horizontal Leg Press Calf Raises


Day 3 (16.03.2022)

Decline BB


DB Seal Row

42x12 + 32x12

BB Back Squats


KB Single Arm Standing Shoulder Press

32x4/4/4 + 28x3

45' Laying DB Tricep Extensions

18x8 + 14x4 + 10x5

Dual Cable Bicep Curls


Day 4 (17.03.2022)

Chest Supported Horizontal Row Machine (Dual Grip)


DB Fly's


Seated Hamstring Curls


Behind The Neck BB Press


Reverse BB Curls


BB Behind Back Wrist Curls


DB Wrist Curls


Day 5 (18.03.2022)

BB Bicep Curl


Dual Cable Tricep Pushdown


Quad Extension Machine


Cable Chest Flys (Downwards Trajectory)


Single Arm Lat Pulldown


DB Frontal Raises


Reaching failure on the single arm lat pulldown


I added a small amount of cardio this week (around 40 minutes) whilst diet remained the same (225c/170p/44f). Happy with the week overall and looking forward to add a little weight or a rep to all of the exercises next week! For full check in pics each week see my Instagram page HERE! Thanks for reading, see you next week. The full training video for day 5 will be uploaded to YouTube within the next 2 days, so check back HERE if you want to watch it.

Stay strong, Ross

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